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Ente Cassa di Faetano - fondazione Banca di San Marino

Banking istitution

Ente Cassa di Faetano is the foundation of Banca di San Marino, one of the first banks of the Republic of San Marino founded as a cooperative in 1920. The Ente was created in 2001, when Banca di San Marino became a joint-stock company and represents the continuation of the values of human and social promotion which fostered the founding members. Today, the Ente works to encourage the development of the country in identity, cultural and economic terms through a modern application of the principle of subsidiarity and aiming at making the most of local human, cultural and environmental resources. The commitment of the Ente is particularly strong in the fields of arts and culture, in the economic development of the territory, in humanitarian actions and in sport, with specific attention paid to the growth of new generations.

Banca di San Marino Group
Banca di San Marino Group – linked to no-profit foundation Ente Cassa di Faetano, major shareholder – is a modern banking group which operates in different areas both in San Marino and abroad. The Group is led by Banca di San Marino, a protagonist of the local banking system and aligned with European credit institutions in terms of soundness – thanks to its wide observance of minimum capital ratio standards – and compliance with safety requirements. BSM stands out for its competence, reliability and sense of responsibility: three factors which have granted it a leading role also in the offer of private and corporate banking services. The other companies of the Group are Leasing Sammarinese Spa, since 1984, the most important business organization in the field of lease back and equipment leasing and new born BSM Immobiliare S.p.A. and Banca di Impresa di San Marino.


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