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Forty years ago, on 23 September 1973, we started our business. We were pioneers of graphics in San Marino and considered ourselves craftsmen, artists and manufacturers of communication. The memory of the difficult passage from tradition to technology, from pencils to computers, in an enthusiastic race towards evolution is still alive. However, communication remains our mission before being our job. Closed in a small territory, on an island striving for accelerated economic development, without any presumption, we have accepted our role as promoters of the new. As right-hand men of innovation we began to invent the “game of advertising” for San Marino. Step by step, year by year, we devoted ourselves to this game up to the cutting edge results of today’s multimedia and web design products.

Here you can find some images of the exhibition “History of a logo”, a collection of handmade logos donated to the State Library of San Marino on the 40th anniversary of our activity.

During its long career, Studio AG has always supported social initiatives and has been involved in several of them. “San Marino for all”, by Consorzio 2000, could not be left out of our list.